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provides leading rental services for wellsite trailers, cell towers, communications equipment, and more.
We pride ourselves on being available to you 24 hours a day with dependable service.

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Welcome to Astro Oilfield Rentals

Astro Oilfield Rentals has served the industry for 20 years and we are renowned for delivering superior service well beyond the region. No job is too far from our Grande Prairie headquarters. Our people, our equipment, and our expertise allow us to efficiently set up your rental.

You’ll find us to be competitively priced and our customers never have to worry about our equipment being in disrepair. We’re constantly updating our inventory and purchasing the newest technology.

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Wellsite Trailers

Our trailers are fully inspected and cleaned prior to delivery. They feature all the comforts of home. We also inspect and maintain them in the field at any location.

Communication Services

The challenges of communicating to and from remote locations are greatly removed thanks to customized towers equipped with cellular repeaters.

Cell Towers
Wellsite Trailers
Astro Oilfield Rentals is committed to the safety of our workers, the satisfaction of our clients, and the protection of the environment.

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